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Cuffed Feet

Girls in ankle cuffs, toe cuffs, leg irons and more!




Anya in handcuffs

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Those handcuffs look good in ankles!
Colour fits nicely in shoes.
Only thing is that when cuffs is tight like now and she now try to walk in bare foot, irons can make damages in achilles tendon…

Would you like to marry me?)))

i speak with authority having serverd prison time in a labor camp. Yes, we are taken to the prison in handcuffs and leg irons.We are transported wearing all of our clothing as is depicted by the photos of the beautiful Ana. Here is where the similarity ends. Processing involves stripping naked and handing over all personal items of jewelry. We are then photographed while naked and shortly thereafter measurements of our wrists, necks and ankles are verified to assure we will be locked in the appropriate sized fetters. The issuance of the work uniform follows shortly thereafterer as well as being locked into the ankle irons and wrist restaints. This is of course a humiliating experience for an 18 year old girl. However i would not be honest if I did not admit to being aroused by the site of some of my cell mates clad only in their torn short blue denims and halter tops as well as the heavy irons and clanking chains. One of the prisoners, a 17 year old girl by the name of Lauri, looks exactgly like Anya shown in your photo. This is what stimulated me to relive my unfortunate experience as a shackld female prisoner.

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