Cuffed Feet

Girls in ankle cuffs, toe cuffs, leg irons and more!




Sarah in leg irons

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On the day i was sentenced to the county labor camp I appeared in court attired in a black dress and black pumps I wore black nylon thigh highs as opposed to the pantyhose that clings to the form of your leggy model. i too am considered leggy standing 5ft 8″ tall with long legs, shapely ankles and delicate small feet. Upon receiving a 90 days sentence of field labor I was taken to a waiting room where my wrists were cuffed in front of my waist. I was mortified when a male guard proceeded to remove my pumps and reach under my dress prior to peeling off my black nylon stockings.He then proceeded to lock irons about each of my bare ankles attaching a transport chain of 12 inches to a loop in each shackle. I could not have been more humiliated being led outside of the courtroom to the transport bus in bare feet with my ankles and wrists affixed in chains.

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