Cuffed Feet

Girls in ankle cuffs, toe cuffs, leg irons and more!




Alice in leg irons

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About a year ago I served a sixty day prison sentence at an outdoor labor camp. I was locked in leg irons that look identical to those your model Alice is wearing. I would have preferred to wear shoes but we were barefoot throughout our stay at the work camp.

I love hand cuffs and chains as a bondage medium. Really secure with no way out. They are about as strict as you can get. I also love the flexibility of chains. THey can be wrapped around your body, arms and legs how you like and then secured with a singly click of a padlock. SNAP! This makes them ideal for self bondage. Easy to get into and no way out. I remember my first bondage experience as a teenager. I had an old very long chain. At home we had an attic. I sat next to the bannister rail leading down from it and started to wrap the long chaon around my torso and the bannister rails. I wrapped it through my legs and tightly bound both my shoulders to the top rail. I pulled it all as tight as I could then I clicked the pad lock shut and threw the key across the floor without really thinking. I couldn’t see any way out but was not bothered as I felt such an excited rush as I became turned on by the feel of the chains running tightly through my groin.

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