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Cuffed Feet

Girls in ankle cuffs, toe cuffs, leg irons and more!


Welcome to!
Here you will find pictures of girls in leg irons, toe cuffs and all kinds of cuffs on cute feet!

We feature bare feet of course, but also high heels, socks, nylons, sneakers and more!

Every update can be purchased separately, so no membership is needed. If you intend on buying a few updates, a membership will be much cheaper! Please contact us if you have any questions about this!

This website contains pictures of models in restraints.
If this offends you in any way, please leave this website.
Otherwise, welcome and enjoy our content!

Questions? Suggestions? Please contact us by email.


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Purchasing a subscription to this website entitles the purchaser to access the members area of the site. Images may be downloaded and stored for the purchasers use only. Copyright of all material displayed on the website remains at all times with Material downloaded from this website by members may not be distributed to others or used or published for any commercial or non-commercial purpose without written permission. We reserve the right to terminate a member’s access to the website if they breach the above conditions.